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Read what girls are saying about working with Rubies!

We love hearing about the difference our self-esteem course has made in girl’s lives…

Feedback in the last academic year included these comments from girls:

“Rubies has made me more confident about myself and it has taught me that everyone is special.”  

“I love Rubies. I have learnt that I have got a lot of courage and every girl is important.”

“Rubies means everything to me. It has brought out my confidence and made me believe in myself. You have encouraged me to be myself and to love who I am. I have learnt that girls need to work together to be even more powerful.”

“I love how we can be ourselves and you won’t shout.”                                                                                            

“I learned to express my feelings. I have learnt to love and care for myself.” 

“I like Rubies because it helps take my mind off things. I have gained confidence and don’t feel as sad now.”

“Rubies is so good. It is a club that teaches you about yourself and others. One thing I learnt is that you are your own person, no one else’s.”

“Rubies has helped me to express my feelings and understand that I am perfect just the way I am.”

“I feel more confident, safer and I believe in myself more. I feel less angry, I feel much better now.”      

“I feel much more confident and like I could take on the world. No one can make me feel embarrassed.”    

“Rubies has made me feel that I don’t have to be perfect and that I’m grateful to be who I am.”

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