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Our Big Give Women & Girls Fundraiser is now LIVE!

On Tuesday 8th March The Big Give launched their Women & Girls Campaign and Rubies is proud to be part of it!

All donations submitted via their website will be DOUBLED, giving Rubies the opportunity to receive up to £5000 for our work with local girls.

Over 100 charities across England and Scotland are participating and the DCMS are matching every public donation. This will make the money go further, let charities like ours dream bigger and help women and girls to reach higher.

63% of organisations supporting women and girls saw an increase in demand for their services during the pandemic and Rubies is no exception to this.

Now more than ever, it’s time to show up and stand up for the women and girls in our communities.

To donate please follow the link below – donations from as little as £1 are accepted and make a huge difference to charities like us.

Thank you!

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